I have Severe shoulder pain in the right side and went to many ortho Physicians and taking lots of pin killers.I am Getting frustrated because of not getting complete cure.At that time one of my friend who got treatment in Anbu Physio clinic, tell about them.As A final try,I went to Anbu Physio clinic.At the first sitting itself 50% of my Shoulder Pain gone.At the end of 10 days course,Literally I have no pain and I am able to move my arm to full range.Now I am going to refer my friends to Anbu Physio clinic.


I have a rare complication called as Multiple sclerosis and almost went to many states for my treatment. All are said that Physiotherapy is the only way. By the hard search of more than Six months, I have crossed almost eight Physiotherapists, I finally found out Dr.Arasakumar MPT(Neuro)of Anbu Physio Clinic.After meeting him My Depression and anxiety gone and fully involved in rehabilitation activities. From Wheel-Chair Last year now I am able to walk with the help of walker. Hope soon I will walk individually with the help of Anbu Physio.Thanks!


I met with an industrial accident and my right hand us crushed below wrist level.I under went tendon repair and plastic surgery initially and went to Anbu Physio clinic for rehabilitation.While I am coming here My hand is twice size than the normal and unable to move any fingers.After 2 months of effective Physiotherapy by Anbu Physio team, Now my fingers are working.I am able to eat myself and drive my two wheeler. Big Thanks!


I got both legs Paralyzed due to GBS disease and went to Anbu Physio & Homeo clinic for Physiotherapy treatment.They advised me for 45 days Physiotherapy treatment as In patient.But within 25 days, I am able to walk and they advised me to change as out patient, for next three weeks and completely alright now.